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Despite the fact that Australia covers an entire continent in area, life for 90% of Australians is concentrated in the 50-km coastal strip of the mainland along its perimeter.

Cities of Australia can be divided into five categories:

State capitals (with suburbs)

Big cities

Regional cities with a population of 1,000 to 100,000

Settlements with a population of 200 to 1000 people

Other places of residence

Each city, town or mound has its own look, although many of them combine into one whole – the Australian way of life.

Most people prefer to live in cities, although this is a conditional concept based only on the population at a certain point under its own name, thanks to the same supply, price and service system. Of course, there are differences between town and country, but they are not so significant as to speak of them as different living conditions of the population. Almost all of these places of human residence (regardless of size) have a developed network of shops, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants, gas stations and everything else …

Here (in Australia) there is no need to “go to the city for sausage”, everything is the same anywhere, only without fuss and noise. Everywhere the equally developed “banking and ATM”, postal and any other social network. Everywhere mobile and regular phones work at the same rates, and the roads in the “province” are without traffic jams and often are of better quality than in the prestigious areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

It distinguishes all these places of residence from each other only:


the ability to quickly find a job precisely in their profession,

salary level

property price

and the rhythm of life.

Everything else in Australia is the same, regardless of geography.

If a person does not like the tropical humid climate, then there is no reason for him to choose a place of residence for himself north of Brisbane. And vice versa – a person accustomed to the sun and heat should in no case go to Melbourne, since the weather in it radically changes every 45 minutes.

In other words, during the day in Melbourne all seasons change several times. You will have to carry in the trunk of the car: an umbrella, a panama from the sun, autumn boots, rubber slates, a light skirt and “pants on a winter pad” simultaneously and constantly!

The climate can “cross out” all the other advantages of the city, and sooner or later you will leave to live where you will feel more comfortable physically.