How to start living Australia

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The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

Economists have a concept of the human development index, which measures and evaluates the standard of living, education and longevity in different countries of the world annually. According to statistics, the green continent ranks second on the planet, having the highest HDI and guaranteeing its citizens the perfect quality of life, health, education and civil and economic freedoms. It is not surprising that the answer to the question of how to move to live in Australia is at the highest places in the search queries.

A bit about the country

The huge amount of uninhabited areas of a distant continent attracts every year hundreds of thousands who want to get a residence permit and start a new life in Australia. The east coast is the most popular, where the climate is milder, and the conditions for life are suitable. But immigrants successfully master the rest of the continent, build farms, and cultivate crops.

Australia is considered one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries on the planet. Australians are open and friendly, sincere and easy-to-communicate, always ready to help new neighbors. There are a lot of immigrants from around the world on the green continent.

Legal ways to move to Australia for permanent residence

Having decided to move, assess your chances of becoming a member of one of the programs offered by the Australian government to potential immigrants:

The most popular way to stay on a green continent is a professional immigration program. Its participants receive a temporary visa that allows them to work in the country for four years. Then the applicant has the right to apply for citizenship.

The educational immigration program is an opportunity to study at an Australian university with a residence visa at the end of the course and, after four years, citizenship.

Business immigrants, subject to certain conditions, become holders of a temporary and then permanent visa for entrepreneurs and investors.

The government and the Ministry of Economic Development are constantly creating new programs to attract young people with an active lifestyle to the green continent. For example, since 2008, there has been a special program for the immigration of young specialists with secondary or higher special education and work experience of at least one year. Applicants must not exceed 29 years of age.