Interesting Places in Sydney

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When visiting the state capital of New South Wales, travelers will be shown such interesting places in Sydney as the Harbor Bridge, Fort Denison, Hyde Park and other objects.

Unusual sights of Sydney

Sydney Opera House is a theater building that stands on the water, unlike other world buildings due to its sail-like shells that form the roof.

In the center of Archibald’s Fountain, there are figures of Theseus, Diana and Apollo. You can admire the water spray to the music (this is possible thanks to the online radio connected to the Fountain). And with the onset of darkness, the smart illumination becomes the decoration of the Archibald fountain.

What interesting places to visit?

According to reviews by experienced travelers, it will be interesting to visit the Powerhouse Museum. It will offer to explore the model of the Strasbourg clock, the current steam engine, the layout of the space shuttle cabin and other exhibits. As for children, they will be allowed to explore various scientific aspects through interactive displays.

The 309-meter Sydney TV Tower is a place where it is recommended to go for anyone who wants to admire the beautiful views of Sydney, its suburbs and even neighboring cities.

An excellent place for rest and solitude will be the Chinese Garden of Friendship. There are ponds, waterfalls, buildings of Chinese architecture like Dragon Wall, Tea House, Gemini Pavilion, and exotic plants.

Visitors of Luna Park Sydney, whose map is reflected on the website, will be delighted to have the opportunity to look at costumed performances, look at the Coney Island Café, Lighthouse Café, experience the attractions of Ferris Wheel, Hair Raiser, Slides, Space Shuttle, Devils Drop other.

Those who decide to relax in the water park Wet’n Wild will find there a 150-meter surfboard pool, a 70-meter pool with 2-meter waves, more than 40 slides T5, Bowl Seye, 360 Rush, sports and playgrounds, catering points. For children, there are four pools, where mini-rides and buckets are installed. As you can see, there are a lot of things to do, so you should go there as soon as possible.