Melbourne Botanical Garden

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The central city of the Australian state of Victoria Melbourne is distinguished by its unique architecture, modern sports facilities and cultural centers. This city is considered the most beautiful in the country. Moreover, it is recognized as the most convenient for life by the Washington Center for Population Problems.

One of the most attractive places for tourists in Melbourne is an amazingly beautiful garden that awaits all travelers seeking to see with their own eyes a unique collection of plants. The botanical garden is located 2 km from the city. It is deservedly considered the best of the gardens of Australia.

This famous garden was founded in the middle of the 19th century. A collection of various plants and a scientific center was the most important when organizing a botanical garden. For the international recognition of the official status of the organization as a botanical garden, you must have a documented collection of plants used for scientific research, as well as the implementation of activities for the conservation of biological diversity and the implementation of educational programs.

The first director of the Royal Garden was a remarkable scientist, the famous botanist Ferdinand Muller. The activity of the next director William Guilfoil influenced the landscape design of the garden. Soft lawns appeared where visitors could relax and have a picnic, as well as beautiful footpaths, fountains and picturesque lakes where black swans live. Here you can relax in hot weather and get a lot of wonderful impressions of the unique landscapes.

Visitors to the garden, walking along convenient paths, can easily meet rabbits, foxes and possums, and turtles. Here you can see an abundance of exotic birds and bats.

The Royal Gardens specially recreated ecosystems corresponding to different regions of the Earth. Five zones with characteristic vegetation were distinguished: steppes, alpine meadows, rainforest, bamboo forest and California gardens. The conditions in the botanical garden are favorable for the life of temperate and tropical birds.

Bamboo and fern bushes, a silver garden, as well as Californian gardens and a rainforest are all available to holidaymakers. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit this place.