New Year in Australia

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The inhabitants of Australia celebrate the New Year, like most Europeans, on the night of December 31 to January 1. At the same time, the celebration begins earlier than in other countries due to its particular geographical location. Australians love the New Year, so they carefully think over the details of this event in advance.

How to prepare for the New Year

It should be noted that the holiday is associated primarily with the atmosphere of fun created by noisy parties, enchanting show programs and light performances.

The center of the celebration is Sydney, where, a couple of weeks before the New Year, they begin to decorate shop windows, parks and streets. In a matter of days, the city turns into a sparkling metropolis, resembling a fairy-tale world.

As for decorating the apartments, in this matter representatives of each of the diasporas are trying to bring color and stand out among the others with originality. So, in almost all the houses you can see a kind of spruce, the role of which is performed by the Metrosederos tree. Australians buy it long before the holiday and planted. In December, the plant is covered with purple flowers of amazing beauty. In addition, Australian residents present a tree to each other as a gift because it represents good luck and well-being.

Festive table

Most Australians celebrate the New Year in cafes, restaurants or bars. However, some prefer to celebrate the holiday in the family circle. The hostesses set the table and try to surprise the guests with various dishes of national cuisine. Among them must necessarily be steaks from different types of meat, pies stuffed with meat, fish and vegetables, sliced ‚Äč‚Äčtropical fruit poured with caramel syrup, Pie Floater (traditional meat pie), soup based on chicken broth with corn, Barramundi (fried fish with sauce), dessert Leamington, and baked vegetables.

Culinary surprises are sometimes added to the pies along with the filling. It can be coins, nuts, and strips of paper with predictions. The person who found it will be happy and healthy next year.

Australians are scrupulous about table setting. Tablecloth and napkins should be with a New Year’s ornament.